Protect Your Car With a Winter Car Wash

The most recent snow has come and gone, and that means you’ve probably seen tons of cars driving around with bright white paint jobs. Don’t be one of them – give your vehicle a winter car wash and get that salt residue off!

This is a familiar sight during the wintry months.

This is a familiar sight during the wintry months.

Salt used on the roadways can begin corroding your vehicle if it isn’t washed away. Not only can it cause corrosion and rust, but also that can lead to even worse problems such as cracking and breaking of parts.

A good hand washing of your car can surely help get most of the salt off your vehicle, but a full car wash is what it will need. The professional car wash services have the means necessary to get underneath your car and in tight crevices where salt can cause corrosion.

I just took my car to the car wash this past weekend and spent $10 for it to look like it was fresh off the lot. If you want to do it by hand, below is a helpful video from the Car Cleaning Guru that shows how you can do a winter hand car wash: