5 Bad Driving Habits You Need to Break Now

There’s not a day that goes by that bad drivers are nowhere to be found. Some moves I see people pull are laughable, questionable, and down right dangerous. After driving certain ways for a many years, some of these bad drivers don’t even realize they’re doing anything wrong. Luckily for human beings, habits can be broken with a little bit of self-discipline.

Here are 6 bad driving habits you can kick to the curb to become a better, safer driver:


Bad Driving Habits: Texting While Driving

It should come as no surprise, but to some haven’t completely comprehended it yet. This country is saturated with information, facts and statistics proving how dangerous and deadly this habit is. Don’t think you’re slick if you “only use it at red lights”, as most millennials may tell their parents. That too counts as texting, and is illegal in 46 states. Trust me – it can wait.


It was probably one of the first and easiest things to learn back in your high school driver’s ed class; it’s literally textbook stuff. They mainly serve as a courtesy to other drivers and pedestrians by allowing them to plan their next move appropriately. Most states say to signal 100-feet in advance of turning.


Bad Driving Habits: Speeding

According to the Annual Global Road Crash Statistics, nearly 1.3 million people die annually around the world in road crashes. That’s an average of 3,287 per day. Speeding down the highway can land you hundreds in fines, points on your license, and even injuries or death. It’s simply not worth it to do an outrageous rate of speed. Speeds and laws vary by state, but you can reference a chart on the Governors Highway Safety Association website.


If you haven’t seen this happen, take a trip into Philadelphia, or any city for that matter, and watch what most drivers do at stop signs. They assume the coast is clear and slide right through the intersection, block after block after block. Rolling through stop signs is a surefire way to hit a car, biker, or pedestrian that wasn’t visible to you immediately. Take the extra second and come to a complete stop.


This isn’t the fun activity to participate in at sporting events – that kind of tailgating is highly encouraged. This kind is riding the bumper of the car in front of you. This is an infamous trait of aggressive drivers, and is very dangerous driving in bad weather. When driving behind another vehicle, give yourself at least three seconds to stop. If you’re the one being tailgated, move over and let them pass.